The Onion Club

The Onion Club

Genre-defying act The Onion Club combine classical, punk, glam and gospel influences with a Weimar aesthetic to produce a style that is upfront, intense and deeply personal. Pianist and composer Stephen Lee and singer and performance artist Pauline M. Hynd first began to develop ideas for a suite of original and ‘reimagined’ songs for their first ever gig in 2012. Since then, their influences and interests have included quantum physics, queer theory, Buddhism and punk rock.

In 2014, the band participated in a lavish stage production with Dundee Rep Theatre, and they have also taken part in intimate house gigs, artistic collaborations with the contemporary dance company SmallPetitKlein in abandoned mansions and even a circus Big Top. The Onion Club have been highly selective in their choice of venue, always leaving weeks or months between gigs and never repeating the same show twice. This has allowed them to develop ‘in the dark’, and to devise original work, create and rehearse complex musical arrangements, think about the visual and theatrical elements of performance, and occasionally collaborate with other artists and musicians.


JORDANS Nightclub,
Station Road,
Cupar, KY15 5HX

Doors open: 7.30pm for 8pm start.