Cupar Arts was established in 2007.  We aim to bring arts events that engage, inspire and challenge to Cupar with an eye on internationally and nationally recognised artists, as well as an appreciation of outstanding local creative talent. Among the internationally acclaimed artists we have featured are Richard Demarco, Will Maclean, Kate Downie and David Mach, and musicians Rab Noakes, King Creosote, Pictish Trail, Lau and many more.  Through our events, we’ve established Cupar as a stimulating forum for the arts, using a range of diverse spaces including historic buildings, closes and countryside to give a fresh perspective on familiar places.   We believe that the arts are essential for vibrant community life and we have a central role in helping to create a buzz in Cupar and bring the community together.

As a registered SCIO (SC043402), we rely on fundraising.  We work closely with other community groups to deliver sustainable, community focused events.

Meet the Team

Margaret Robertson

Chair since 2018, and an original founding member of Cupar Arts, Margaret studied MA Hons Fine Art at Edinburgh University and College of Art, and later, Pg Cert Community Education. She has been involved in community arts projects around Fife for many years.

Claire Cousins

Claire Cousins has been a Trustee since 2018 and Treasurer for Cupar Arts since 2019, having moved to Cupar in 2015. She currently works at the University of St Andrews as a Senior Lecturer in Earth Sciences, and has interests in the arts, the interface between the sciences and arts in particular.

Richard Matthews

Richard Matthews has been a Trustee since 2019. He has an MA in Film Studies from the University of Nottingham and a background in art cinema and film education. He is now retired and considers himself a domestic engineer. 

Kara Kinnaird

Kara Kinnaird has been a Trustee of Cupar Arts since 2018. A graduate of Art History from the University of St Andrews, Kara’s professional career has spanned across the arts, heritage and international development sectors. She currently works at the University of St Andrews. 

Sarah Kennedy

Sarah Kennedy has been a Trustee of Cupar Arts since 2017. A graduate in Interior and Spatial Design in Dundee with a Post Graduate in IT from the University of St Andrews. She works in Digital Heritage and Interactive Museum Exhibits.

Mairi MacGregor

Mairi MacGregor has been a Trustee of Cupar Arts since 2017, having enjoyed and supported Cupar Arts Festival events as a local resident.  A graduate of the Open University, Mairi has a degree in Humanities with Literature.  She works in education.

Kate Strang

Kate Strang has been a Trustee of Cupar Arts since 2017.  She has an MA in Psychology from the University of St Andrews. Kate has always taken an active interest in community projects and fundraising for various charities via local band Skinny Jim.  She has participated in various Cupar events, including a Haugh bandstand C U in the park with local heroes Milton Balgonie and the Balgonie Boyz.  Kate is committed to and inspired by the aim for a dedicated space and permanent arts hub in Cupar. 

 Ongoing Activities

Our events, explorations, festivals and projects have received strong community support since we began in 2007.  We believe the arts can stimulate creativity, improve health and wellbeing, and increase pride and confidence in the individual and wider community, combatting rural isolation and social deprivation.   

We aim to continue with regular EDEN events, the Arts Trail and other community projects such as film and cinema.  In 2020, through Fife Council grant funding, we have purchased a bespoke picture hanging system for the lower hall of the Corn Exchange.  We look forward to showcasing this with an exhibition in the near future.

Permanent Arts Space

We aim to establish a permanent Arts Centre in Cupar, in collaboration with other community groups, which would serve and reflect the vibrancy and rich, culturally significant life and history of Cupar and our surrounding area. 

Cupar Arts Objectives

  1. To promote, develop and sustain the arts and arts activity in and around Cupar.
  2. To organise and develop arts events, projects and initiatives.
  3. To support, involve and showcase artists drawn from a national and international base with an emphasis on contemporary art and innovation.
  4. To promote contemporary art as a way of enhancing and strengthening the local community, and to attract a national and international audience.
  5. To secure appropriate funding for such events and initiatives.