PierGiuseppe Di Tanno

PierGiuseppe DiTanno

‘In My Bed I’m My Guru’

PierGiuseppe Di Tanno’s eschatological performance, ‘In My Bed I’m My Guru’, attempts to build an instant bridge between Life and Death. Before decision or action, the man recognizes its nature – eyes closed he navigates in the perfect storm within bodily and mental borders. He asks: ‘If I have to kill the Buddha when I meet him on the street // and I’m the Buddha // Do I have to kill myself?’

PierGiuseppe is an actor and performer. His path is contamination-oriented, an investigation between the body and the speech – theatre and dance, through the experimental practice of different languages. He also took care of the physical preparation of different companies in Belgium, Turkey and India. He is an author of site-specific performances and a director of contemporary theatre pieces.



County Buildings,
St Catherine Street,
Cupar, KY15 4TA

Open: Saturdays 10am – 6pm; Sunday 10am – 5pm; Weekdays 10am – 7pm.

Jacqueline Bulnes & PierGiuseppe DiTanno with Panini 2 Life at Cupar Arts Festival