Kenny Bean

Kenny Bean

‘there is a place without time’

Kenny Bean has created a multi-screen video and text projection to encapsulate the theory that water retains a memory of everyone it comes into contact with. He is also looking at the way in which humans experience time in a linear form and how that experience mirrors the flow of water in a river. In an additional piece, Kenny will use a working model of an eye to question new quantum theory experiments which suggest that particles only exist when they are observed. The work includes an original soundtrack created with Brendan Brodie.

Kenny studies the connections between light, time and memory originating from a simplified description of the image-capturing process in photography. He works with light and lenses as well as projected video to explore the links between these elements.


Kenny Bean


County Buildings,
St Catherine Street,
Cupar, KY15 4TA

Open: Saturdays 10am – 6pm; Sunday 10am – 5pm; Weekdays 10am – 7pm.


Kenny Bean at Cupar Arts Festival