Joanna Foster

Ticketline / Just Passing Through, Joanna Foster, Cupar Arts Festival 2011

Joanna Foster

Ticket Line/ Just Passing Through

Joanna Foster adapted the waiting room at Cupar Railway Station to cater for the mental state of waiting, with an invitation to participate in an interactive exhibition. Foster describes the waiting room as a place of potential in which to share the unwritten maps we carry with us, a meeting point which also reflects a historical change in movement with the coming of the Railway and present day narratives coming in and out of Cupar, forming a living history. Using the structure of the ticket, this project invited people to draw or write a snapshot of their day’s travel experience and thoughts on waiting, then add their ticket to a line in the waiting room. As a starting point for this continually growing and evolving exhibition, Joanna installed in the waiting room drawings and screenprints inspired by her own journey into Cupar.


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