Jenny Smith

Jenny Smith

What is Shadow?

Jenny Smith’s work is a site-specific installation created out of shadows. Working with members of the local community in Cupar, she will explore the question, ‘What is shadow?’. This question can be answered literally in terms of physical light and shade, something artists consider when rendering three dimensions into two, as well as in an abstract way – a shadow cast over something can allude to sadness, or Carl Jung’s belief that we have a hidden, shadow side to our personality. The result will be a contemplative, immersive installation which uses light and shadow to depict the hand written answers of participants.

Jenny’s work has been shown at exhibitions including Watermarks, Morgan Conservatory, and acquired by the Tate Library and the National Galleries of Scotland. She is director of the Edinburgh Laser Cutting Studio.


Burgh Chambers,
KY15 4LS

Open: Saturdays 10am – 6pm; Sunday 10am – 5pm; Weekdays 10am – 7pm.
Please note: This building does not have disabled access.