Ilana Halperin

Ilana Halperin

‘Mineral Residents’

Ilana Halperin’s project Mineral Residents is both a newly assembled collection of physical geology for Cupar’s Burgh Chambers Cabinet Room, and an active geological proposition that invites us to discover and relate to geology in new and unexpected ways. Ilana asks us to consider ourselves as an integrated part of geological time, and as human animals composed of unique mineral biographies. Her installation is set to feature images of local geology combined with specific ‘contemplation objects’ and geological sculptures, offering a poetic visual narrative of shifts and change over deep and daily time.

Ilana was born in New York and lives in Glasgow. She was the Inaugural Artist Fellow at National Museums Scotland, a role which culminated in the solo exhibition The Library in 2013.


Burgh Chambers,
Cupar, KY15 4LS

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