Caravan Obscura

Caravan Obscura

The Caravan Obscura was created by artist Kenny Bean as part of the “Upside Down Project”. This project was inspired by the legendary experiment by scientist Ivo Kohler who wore goggles that made him see the world upside down. He wore the special glasses for four weeks in total. Initially he bumped into everything and couldn’t even hold a cup of tea correctly. After several days his brain had re-corrected the image that was coming from his eyes and he could see as normal and within a week he was riding his bike to work.

In Victorian times, Camera Obscura buildings were common on many British beach fronts and were visited by thousands of people each year as an attraction.  Several enterprising Victorians even created camera obscuras inside old wagons and toured the country amazing people with the ethereal images projected inside.  The Caravan Obscura uses mirrors and lenses to project the landscape outside onto the ceiling of the caravan. It is a very simple idea but the effect is almost magical.

Come along and climb inside in the caravan for a 5 minute explanation of the camera obscura principle and to hear about the amazing Ivo Kohler experiment. The image projected inside the caravan obscura is amazing to those who venture inside!

Take part in an activity which involves wearing an ‘upside down viewer’ The upside down boxes accompany the Caravan Obscura and relate to the experiment by scientist, Ivo Kohler, who wore upside down goggles for four weeks.

The Caravan Obscura will be in Cupar’s Haugh Park for the afternoon of the Festival Launch only.



Haugh Park, Pitscottie Road, KY15 5HB

Saturday, June 18
12 noon – 1pm and 2pm – 3pm

Free. No booking required.
Haugh Park is wheelchair accessible.