Deniz Uster + Tom Harrup

finger to a blind eye

This installation has the dual appearance of a secret experimental laboratory, and vegetable nursery: an uninhabited assemblage existing somewhere between our present technological dependence and a less delineated future of hybrid forms. Potatoes and Onions in separate plots are joined to patch bays, processors and monitors via a mass of cables. Objects once familiar take on an alien quality as they whirr, jingle, flicker, or revolve. A lone voice is present during the artists’ current research: DNA as the oldest known information storage system, adapting and evolving over millenia. This evocative installation invites the viewer to consider a number of things from genetically modified food and food crops, to genetic engineering. “finger to a blind eye” was installed in a large room at The Warehouse on Kirk Wynd during the 2011 Cupar Arts Festival.

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