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Cynthia Dinan-Mitchell

Cynthia Dinan-Mitchell

The willow tree motif with a certain “je ne sais quoi”

Cynthia Dinan-Mitchell’s evocative installation references the willow motif, which was originally based on a story of impossible love between the daughter of a wealthy mandarin and a humble servant. The distinctive willow pattern is also used on ceramic homeware. Yet rather than illustrating a tale of unattainable love, Cynthia’s work showcases a fertile and exuberant playground for lovers. Her artwork involves a large blue and white silkscreen installation of the willow motif, with flowing imagery that describes a joyous evening between loved ones and preserves the delicate and iconic look of the pattern.

Cynthia has exhibited her work in numerous galleries and artist centres, including the National Museum of Fine Arts of Québec and the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre in Thailand. She lives and works in Québec City.


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Cynthia Dinan-Mitchell