Charles Avery

Untitled (Sea Monster)

Charles Avery’s sculpture ‘Untitled (Sea Monster)’ forms part of his lifelong project The Islanders, a detailed description of a fictional world that operates in parallel to our own universe, realised in drawing, painting, sculpture and text. Charles explains that the sea monster got its name simply because the Island inhabitant Only McPhew found it in the water. Accompanying the monster are paintings of blue dots, inspired by pre-Socratic descriptions of atoms falling through the void and described by another islander as ‘perfectly singular forms, without size, without significance’. These paintings provide a contrast to the dead monster in the physical world.

Charles’ body of work is rooted in his own life and upbringing on the Isle of Mull. A major solo exhibition, The People and Things of Onomatopoeia, was presented at Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh in 2015.

Courtesy of the Artist and Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh / Grimm Gallery, Amsterdam

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