Cupar Arts


Rock, Paper, Scissors

City Art Centre exhibition – Paper Trail: Drawings, Watercolours, Prints Paper’s important role in visual art is often overlooked in favour of what is on the paper, rather than the material itself. Yet the City Art Centre’s “Paper Trail” exhibitionseeks to put this right, emphasising paper’s endless potential and recognising…

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Between Ice and Sky

Between Ice and Sky Dundee has a rich history of developing far-flung shipping routes and industrial innovation, writes Jenny Messenger, both of which are flagged up in the McManus’ Charting New Waters exhibition – a showcase of recent acquisitions to Dundee’s permanent collection. Despite being set in a traditional gallery…

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Exquisite Corpse

Exquisite Corpse The Society of Scottish Artists (SSA) launched their intriguingly titled ‘Exquisite Corpse’ exhibition in St Andrews Museum at the weekend. This is the first time that the SSA have exhibited in St Andrews and this exhibition features 22 artists selected from 300 proposals submitted through an open call to SSA…

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Making a Monument

Making a Monument Jenny Messenger Tucked away on Chalmers Close off Edinburgh’s High Street, disembodied voices and choral songs from Trinity Apse filter through the noise of the city. Inside, a video of interviews with community choirs from New Zealand shows a parish priest talking about how buildings aren’t everything.…

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Liminal Exhibition

In response to this year’s Cupar Arts Festival ‘liminal’ theme, CAF artist curators and invited guests have created an intriguing exhibition of drawings and prints reflecting liminality in all its aspects. Defined as a occupying a position at a threshold, or relating to the transitional or initial stage of a…

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Kate Downie Interview

‘The room that you walk into will be a lie.’ CAF artist Kate Downie met Jenny Messenger in Cupar’s County Buildings to talk about her festival project, ‘Gaps, Distortions and Downright Lies: a complete re-configuration of space, in drawing’. As Jenny found out, Kate is transforming the former ‘judge’s chambers’…

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